Here I will be posting about my ceramics as I make them

  •  05/18/2018 11:13

I am due to have a hip operation soon so starting to coil some big pieces as I won't be able to throw for 3 months afterwards. I am loving this process, very meditative and enjoyable. Here are a few on the go. It is a long slow process .

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  •  04/19/2018 12:37

Packing and wrapping pieces for galleries and customers has taken a few weeks.

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  •  03/26/2018 21:57

I have been busy making work for Baxters Gallery and stocking up for Galleries he last few months. This took me a lot longer than planned as I was down with the flu for 4 -5 weeks. Back to it now

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  •  01/29/2018 15:29

I just unloaded the kiln and all pieces have come out okay. These are ready for glazing. These pieces are made from porcelain stoneware so I am expecting the colours to be even more brighter

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  •  01/28/2018 23:08
  •  01/24/2018 12:00

These are ready to put in the kiln for their first firing

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