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Size: 8cm W X 5.5cm H. Finished in a green /blue shiny glaze

  • Category: Stoneware plant pots, with drainage holes and a drip tray included. Please allow for slight variation in colour due to your monitor.
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Individually handmade and unique, these are small pots formed by hand using the pinching method  and once leather hard I carve out textures and patterns with various tools, leave to dry a few weeks before bisque firing to 1040c in an electric kiln. I make my own unique glazes and each pot will have up to 3 layers before firing again to 1250c.

Making pots this way is a long slow process and each one will be completely different to another. You do not need to use a plastic plant pot inside these pots as each one has drainage holes and comes with a drip tray.

Each pot has a rustic charm due to the heavily grogged stoneware and will compliment your succulents or cacti perfectly.